Getting A Diagnosis Can Be Overwhelming.

“What’s going to happen to my family?”
“How do I manage my professional life from hereon?”
“Is it over for me?”

As patients ourselves who were diagnosed when starting a new chapter in life, all while shouldering the responsibilities of being caregivers to children and our parents... or simply dealing with the realities of #adulting,
a medical diagnosis is a lot to deal with.

Nothing beats having an understanding with other human beings who have had similar experiences.
And please know this - You are not alone.

Sharing experiences by
real people


Burkitt's Lymphoma




Pancreatic Cancer


Breast Cancer

Ching Yee



Endometrial Cancer & Meningioma



Kah Chik

Liver Cancer


Steatocystoma Multiplex

Siew Ching


Be a light in someone's life

What is WABI setting out to do?

Be a force of
social impact

We connect people - Those who are going through and have gone through an illness, or multiple.


The truth is, more people are falling sick but the social constructs have yet to normalise topics such as mental health, severe illness or disease. And that is why it is so important that we talk about it.

being there

As fellow humans, we are better
(and stronger) together.

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What inspires us to be open about it

I was looking for reference points when first diagnosed but there were none to be found locally. Thought that it'd be great if I had someone to hear from about their experiences and so, I became that someone.


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