Frequently Asked Questions


What is WABI?

WABI is an acronym for Working Adults Battling Illnesses and it seeks to:

1) Be a community for patients and survivors who are diagnosed in the midst of shouldering commitments, both privately and professionally.

2) Normalise conversations of discussing about medical conditions that nobody would wish upon themselves. Breaking the taboo, guilt, or even shame of talking about the diagnosis.

3) Diminish the sense of isolation, an emotion felt by many patients, both the newly-diagnosed and current.

Is WABI financially backed by any private or public organisation?

Nope. At pointing of writing, WABI is funded out of the Founder's own pocket.

I'm a caregiver. Can I still reach out?

You are most definitely welcome to.

Will WABI provide references or reviews of healthcare institutes and/or healthcare professionals?

No. Every patient is an individual case and we encourage you to seek advice from trained medical professionals.

Is WABI only for those who have serious conditions?

Nope. Illnesses can be invisible or result in situations such as invisible disabilities. WABI is committed to being an avenue for those who could benefit from hearing someone's experience in dealing with a diagnosis.

Getting Involved

I'd like to share my experiences as a patient.

Your courage and generosity is very much appreciated! Do submit your details here and we'll be in touch shortly.

Okay... but what will WABI expect from me?

It is of utmost priority that anything you are sharing, is to the extent of your comfort level. For example, you are perfectly fine answering a few questions in writing but will not be comfortable to conduct a video interview. WABI will work with you and you also reserve the right to withdraw your participation at anytime.

I'd like to volunteer but will not be able to commit long-term, would that be alright?

Most definitely and you may submit your details here. At present, the needs of WABI are mostly short-term or project-based and would not require long-term commitments.

I represent a public or private organisation and would like to reach out, who should I contact?

Kindly write to us at or submit your query here.

Community Engagement

As a platform that is made possible by those who are willing to step up and volunteer their time, we strongly emphasise on the importance of respect and reserve the right to terminate conversations that exhibit undesired behaviours.

Etiquette & Rules of Engagement

• Respect your fellow community members. This includes their race, creed, language, religion, culture, identity, sexual orientation and age.

• Do not harass, or spam calls or text messages. Everyone here is a volunteer and have ongoing commitments, or situations, to deal with. If something is urgent, you are advised to seek medical help.

Data Protection Policy

WABI is committed to protecting your data and the data protection notice can be found here.

The Future

How is WABI going to develop? 

In its current state, WABI is a grassroots initiative; for the patients, by the patients.

However, the need to normalise conversations is much needed and we warmly welcome partners to collaborate with us on this journey.