Hi! My name is Zirah.

Tell us about yourself

It was end of May 2021 and I got admitted in my own ICU(I am a nurse) after discovering a brain tumour as big as a kidney. I underwent awake craniotomy and was then diagnosed with Astrocytoma in June 2021. Fast forward, I am still a nurse and can do many of the things which I enjoy.

What led you to the diagnosis and how has the journey been like?

It all started with a terrible migraine at home, and it recurred daily. One day at work, I became so dizzy that I couldn't open my eyes, and was sent to the A&E. After diagnosis, I completed both radio and chemotherapy. 12 months of chemo were exhausting but I am grateful to be in remission.

Any advice for others who may be going through a similar experience?

Whatever you feel about your diagnosis, it is normal. Take your time to heal and listen to your body. If you are a person of faith, God is with you. Connect with people who love you. Lastly, fight on and live your life as much as you can!